Max has composed for a variety of ensembles which include brass band, wind band, chamber ensembles as well as solo works. His music has been published by Pennine Music, Lake Music, Marcato Brass and BVT Music and been performed by ensembles across Europe.



Max began composing by writing for brass band. This is an ensemble . He was written works ranging from test pieces to solos and light concert music. His compositions have been published by Pennine Music, Lake Music, Marcato Brass and BVT Music.

Wind Band Picture.jpg


Max has written several pieces for Wind Band. His first composition was a Christmas Fantasy, written when his university wind bands conductor complained their was not enough Christmas repertoire for the band. Max wrote a second piece for the university band, celebrating the university's 50th anniversary, Reunion Overture. Max has written further compositions for Wind Band and they are now published by Lake Music and BTV Music.

String Quartet


Max has written for a variety of chamber ensembles. His works have been performed globally. The Kraken was selected to be performed at the 15th Anniversary of the Composer's Voice Series by Nautilus Brass. Works have also been performed by Cvartet Passione and the Mosaic Trio. His string trio, Two Flowers, was published by the Australian String Association.